I have been featured by ISSUE Magazine, Talenthouse Magazine, Whereyat.com and Severals News papers in my native country VENEZUELA!. 

 This journey starts away from home and I hope that you come with me :) 

Hello! My name is Arianna Leon Uberti. I'm Venezuelan and one day of 2013 I fell from a tree... 2 months later I started to Illustrate my unique vision of the world.

I'm a dreamer, believer in magic, with a lot of passion for nature and its forms. I spend the majority of my days teaching myself how to use mistakes as creative weapons. art is my life.  


Currently based in U.S.A after becoming an Artist In Residence for

MOXY HOTELS, by Marriot, in New Orleans, U.S.A.



artist in residence - moxy hotels new orleans

noxo studio Miami - door DECOR

ft. andreina ron perique @wonder_walls!

books and magazine collaborations



Quaker Parrot - The boss

Eclipse came to us at 2017 when we were living in Miami. She's rescued, probably she ran away from a window... A friend found her and he call us to figure what he could do. We tried to find the owner but that never happened so we decided keep her. That decision was a life changer, we are deeply in love with her. She's the best parrot in the world and she lives CAGE FREE flying around the house. She runs the place, she is he boss of my heart.



Golden Retriever - The helper

She is L O V E. The only things you will receive from Sussy are love and tenderness. She is my greatest source of inspiration. She was rescued in Venezuela in 2014 ... We were separated by 2 years and we met again in September 2018 when we started writing a new story. Sussy is my most noble companion, who calms me when I have stress and who encourages me to help other dogs have a happy ending like she did.


Hubby - The positive mind

We have been married for 3 years, we met in Venezuela and we migrated together to this new adventure. Alfredo is the only person in the world who will always have a positive attitude above all, he is the one who does not let me down when I want to crash, and is a vital part of me since we met. He is an incredible musician with a patience of champions, he is my ROCK. 


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