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Candle Collection

intentionally created to make you smile - the sweetest + tropical  scent ever!


About the creators!


Earth Tonix is a Florida based Home & Wellness Brand crafting natural, sustainable & non toxic self care goods. This woman owned company is operated by Melinda York. Each product is designed to celebrate Mother Nature's gifts through aromatherapy & wellness rituals. Our goal is to share healthy & creative products that are made from and inspired by the Great Outdoors. Each good is handmade with intention using organic plants, herbs, a touch of magic & endless love!

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Armaranta Casa de Colibries , Caracas 2013

you already know me! but perhaps you did not know that I am a huge fan of nature. When I started illustrating I was obsessed with birdwatching which awakened in me a deep love for birds. today through my art I try to honor those little muses as much as I can. Each piece that I create is made with intention and love... and I hope that it transmits many beautiful things to those who receive it.

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